Grandma Cori’s Visit to Canterbury

Yesterday, I brought in my good friend’s grandmother, Grandma Cori, to talk to my 8th graders about her experiences as a “hidden child” during the Holocaust. She was hidden throughout Western Europe in places such as the attic of a castle and even a well at one point. Although she was alone and separated from her family, she was relatively safe from the hands of the Nazis and never was forced into a concentration camp. Nevertheless, her story is an important one for young people to hear, especially since she makes it a point to focus on the people who were kind to her rather than the people who mistreated or abused her. As she likes to tell the kids, one person can make a difference. What a great moral!

Here is the url to a story by a local newspaper on Grandma Cori’s visit to Canterbury:

As usual, my students completely blew me away with their respectful, attentive behavior and thoughtful and insightful questions. Good job, 8th graders! I am immensely proud to call myself your teacher! 🙂


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