For Memorial Day: Sullivan Ballou

Sullivan Ballou, a Major in the U.S. Army during the Civil War, wrote the following letter to his wife, Sarah, a week before he was mortally wounded at the First Battle of Bull Run. The letter exemplifies all of the qualities of perfect writing: it is tearfully honest, full of breathtaking imagery, and evokes overwhelmingly … Continue reading For Memorial Day: Sullivan Ballou


Music Video: “Gravedigger,” by Dave Matthews

Above is the music video for one of Dave Matthews most symbolically loaded and emotionally complex songs. As if the lyrics themselves were not breathtaking enough, the video itself is brimming with evocative metaphors, most strikingly the key motif. That it is a conscious departure from Matthews earlier, obnoxiously blatant "all you need is love"-themed … Continue reading Music Video: “Gravedigger,” by Dave Matthews