*Gateway to the Nexus*

Welcome to THE KNEELAND NEXUS, Mr. Kneeland’s blog and general information site for all of his classes at GCHS. You are currently at the gateway to the nexus; click on a link below to jump to where you’d like to go.

Mr. Kneeland’s Classes:

AS English Literature
World Literature Honors
IGCSE English Literature
AS Media Studies

Essays and other articles by Mr. Kneeland:

*How to Compose a 4-Point Critical Analysis
*From Mr. Kneeland
*Literary Musings
*Philosophical Musings
*Interpretations: Drama
*Interpretations: Film
*Interpretations: Music
*Interpretations: Novels
*Interpretations: Paintings
*Interpretations: Short Stories

Please check back often for updated assignment information and other useful or interesting bits.



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