The Queen Mab Speech: Mercutio’s Unwitting Prophecy

Mercutio's famous Queen Mab speech (I.iv.58-100) has elicited many interpretations, such as the belief that the monologue demonstrates Mercutio's genius at improvisation as well as the notion that it pinpoints Mercutio's overt homoeroticism and possible homosexuality. While one (or both) of these characterizational interpretations may be true, there is another reading of the speech that … Continue reading The Queen Mab Speech: Mercutio’s Unwitting Prophecy


Editorial: The Ideology Obstacle

Despite our many technological conveniences, from iPhones to hybrid cars, we humans are still an incredibly primitive and tribal culture. We love to identify ourselves based on differences: e.g., "I am American, and you are French"; "I am Christian, and you are Muslim"; "I am rich, and you are poor"; etc. So entrenched are we … Continue reading Editorial: The Ideology Obstacle